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The Milwaukee Light Engineering Society (M.L.E.S.), founded in 1969, is open to all hobbiests interested in mechanical devices and all phases of their construction. The Society also helps to preserve the history of these mechanical devices, in the construction of small scale operating models. Major areas of interest are in large scale railroading, traction (tractors), and stationary engines. The M.L.E.S. provides members with fellowship, guidance, and a sounding board for ideas and technical problems. The M.L.E.S. meets every month in the evening for its regular business meetings. The Society also publishes a newsletter monthly with information on club events as well as technical tips and plans for projects. A technical library of books and magazines is also available to members along with access to many members with unique skill and knowledge. Dues are collected annually in January to cover the cost of the newsletter, insurance, property taxes, and maintaining the library, along with various other society expenses. The M.L.E.S. is a registered, not for profit and without stock corporation of the State of Wisconsin, incorporated in January of 1970, and is a listed 501c3 charitable tax deductable organization. The “Knack” of building an operating model to a scale size is an acquired skill many people enjoy. The research and preparation for building that model is just as rewarding. People make up a club. The exchange of information between people perpetuates history! Get started - Come to a meeting. Talk to a member. Visit Railroad Park. Pick up and read a copy of Live Steam magazine. Build an easy project, you’re on your way.


Junior Member...................$15.00 per year*
Associate Member.............$35.00 per year
Regular Member..............$100.00 per year
*Any age up to 18 years old.


If you have equipment that you want to run out at the park you have the option to lease a storage track if you have the regular membership level.

The fee for storage is $100.00 per year.

For more information contact:

Patrick Cleary- M.L.E.S. Secretary

Dave Gehrke - M.L.E.S. Vice President
Phone: 414-350-6649