MLES Rules and Regulations

All rules must be followed, Please read all rules if planing on visiting. Any person planning on visiting MLES with there own eqiupment needs to make sure it complies will all rules.

Railroad Park Rules

  1. Do not walk, sit or sand on the track. Stay at least 2 feet away!

  2. Sit in the center of the cars. Keep hands and feet inside cars.

  3. Do not stand, lean, or rock while riding cars.

  4. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  5. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

  6. No smoking anywhere on the property!

M.L.E.S. Operating Rules

  1. Slow over bridges

  2. Do not execede 10MPH!

  3. Stay 50 feet Behind the train ahead of you

  4. One train at a time over the double track bridge

  5. Steam trains have priority over the double track bridge