Welcome to the Milwaukee Light Engineering Society, founded in 1969.  M.L.E.S. is open to all individuals interested in mechanical devices and all phases of their construction. The Society also helps to preserve the history of these mechanical devices, in the construction of small scale operating models. Major areas of interest being in stationary (power-plant) machinery, marine (ships), traction (tractors), small hot air & gas engines, and Large scale railroading, such as steam, diesel, and electric locomotives along with rolling stock and other railway equipment.
Our society also provides members with fellowship, guidance and a sounding board for ideas and technical problems. There also is an extensive library filled with excellent technical articles.
M.L.E.S. owns 6.5 acres of land called "Railroad Park", in the Town of Jackson, Washington County, WI. There is currently a 1/8 life size, 1 1/2" scale, 7 1/2" track gauge layout at RR Park.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Train Rides for 2014 will be on Saturday, September 6th and Sunday, September 7th out at Railroad Park !!!
We hope to see you there!

Your Ride and Other Donations are Appreciated to Help Support our Club!
Please check back for other information as we continue to update our website.


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